When I was starting my career, I got referred to do photography for 2 major food delivery services. I started with 1 of them. Then the company I was woking for secured a contract with the second one. The second one offered a very strange workflow. They had a large initial roll out and not enough time to hire and dispatch photographers to each restaurant. How did they do it? They paid us to order the food to our homes or studios, then re-plate the dishes, and shoot them.

This gave me the idea for Grub Art. I am going to order food to my house. I will show you the packaging the food comes in, then re-plate it and see if I can make it look delicious! I will also give ratings based on taste, packaging, how it looks, and can I eat as is!

A note to restaurants: I am not letting you know I am reviewing your food! I want the good, the bad, the ugly (I love a challenge). However, if you use styrofoam for your packaging, you will immediately get a zero rating on packaging! Furthermore, I used to work as a server/ expeditor at a big restaurant in the Niagara region. The thing they taught me is if you are packing take out it should include napkins, condiments, and cutlery. I should be able to eat this no matter where I am going.

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