Matt’s love for food started when he was just a wee lad. He cooked so much, his mom thought he would have attended culinary school. However, Matt had other ideas. Matt decided to go to college for “Theatre Production” specializing in lighting design. He had a hard time breaking into the professional theatre world and worked a few menial jobs to get by. Through those years his love of cooking and baking continued.
In his early 30’s, Matt decided to make some life changes and enrolled in college for Photography. 2 years later Matt graduated top 3 in his class from Mohawk College’s “Photography Still + Motion” program. With his background in lighting design, love of cooking and his new love of photography, getting into food media photography was the natural choice. Matt has been perfecting his craft as a full time media creator since 2016, living the absolute dream! Combining his passions has worked out nicely for Matt.
Matt is an award winning and published photographer


This website is a side project for Matt to showcase his love for food in a creative way. He really wanted to create without being confined by the structures of working in “studio” environment. This website is an homage for the skills he acquired over the years in the kitchen.
Matt wants to use this platform as a way to really help younger adults gain the confidence to cook for themselves and hopefully with their future families. This blog will help build your knowledge of why you do certain techniques and will help to explain flavour combinations used. Posts are going to be less text driven, and more photo based. it is painful to go to a recipe blog and the recipe is buried a mile down the page, and the content above is anecdotal. You don’t need to know about “Aunt Edna’s” dog eating a yorkshire pudding, and how wacky it was.
This website also plays as a secondary portfolio for Matt McDougall to market from. There is potential than Matt could get work or make money from this site. He will be fully transparent about any marketing attempts (including advertisements) as they come about.
Furthermore, This website is produced and coded by Matt McDougall. For real, this is actually Matt McDougall writing this in third person. So thats cool, am I right?


Everything on this website is Matt McDougall’s creative vision and produced solely by Matt McDougall. If at any time there is someone else involved Matt will specifically say. In the instance of a sponsored post or brad deal, this website will also be absolutely transparent.


Matt’s “Grub Art” review section is a creative look at the emerging delivery food industry within his common neighbourhoods in Southern Ontario.


While cooking isn’t being reinvented every day, Matt is developing recipe’s that have been tweaked to his taste and liking. While giving you the power to also be creative.

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